How to use ?

For each work, this project provides musical text transcribed from the earliest available and complete edition. These transcriptions will then be used as base text, into which variants from other sources, emendations and reconstructions (where applicable) will be integrated. All contributions must be submitted to the Project Manager (via the dedicated form available in the section Collaborative Edition). After validation by the Editorial Team, variant texts will be integrated into the edition and the user’s name will be listed among the collaborators of Gesualdo Online project.

Users can consult the edition directly on the screen in a dedicated interface that permits the user to view 1) all the variants documented in the subsequent early editions, 2) the possible emendations, and 3) the reconstructions of incomplete works. Variants, emendations and reconstructions can be viewed in three different ways:

  1. by clicking on the green dot on the upper right corner of the measure in which the variant is found;
  2. by clicking on the typology of variant from the list following the score;
  3. or by choosing the source and the measure in the drop-down menu placed in the lower part of the interface.

A dialogue box located under the interface permits the user to read the relevant critical commentary. Registered users will be able to add comments and to make modifications to the musical text